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Electric Girl
I came to VJs frustrated and with a few months of pole experience. As a plus size dancer, I was drawn by the fact that they had an instructor who was shaped like me. I took my first class with Ro'Yale and expressed to her that I was struggling with my "climb". Well, by the end of that first class... I was climbing. And I've been climbing ever since. She has been able to coach me and understand my body dynamics.

Over this past year, I have taken classes with ALL of the instructors. Each one brings her own style and offers her own unique teaching style. This is one of the things that I LOVE about this studio. If I can't get something with one instructor, I just take a class with a different instructor. Based on my personal goals, I find classes that suit my journey to be stronger, more flexible, and of course, sexy AF on and off the pole.

Recently, the studio started an entire pole series with numerous levels to attain that is specifically geared toward plus size dancers. We are thick...AND we put in that work! The classes are just as challenging as the regular tracks but they focus on skills that compliment our bodies. This is a brilliant and much needed concept within the realm of fitness. Yes, I still take classes with women of all shapes and sizes in the drop-in classes... but there is simply something magical and empowering that happens in our Vertically Voluptuous group.

This studio is filled with powerful, strong, beautiful, passionate instructors who seek to help me improve and reach my goals. Sure, everyday isn't sugarplums and gumdrops BUT I know I am in a place where people truly care and want to see me succeed. The sisterhood is real and the results are even better!!!!!!



I just took Pole For Newbies with Ro'Yale and loved it!!! She's fun, takes her time, and altered the routine if someone couldn't do a part!! I will definitely take another class with her!


If you are interested in taking pole dance classes look no further than Vertical Joes!! Taking pole dance classes had been on my bucket list for years before I finally worked up the nerve to actually do it. I've been taking classes at VJ's since December and I LOVE it!! I'm a curvy girl and have never felt self-conscious about my curves. All women are embraced and uplifted at VJ's regardless of size or previous experience!

I recently started the Vertically Voluptuous class series with Da Queen of Curves, Ro'Yale, as our instructor. Let me just say, she is amazing!!! She masterfully teaches each class with all levels in mind while encouraging us to step out of our comfort zones and embrace our sexy!! The Vertically Voluptuous series was created specifically for us voluptous queens in mind and it is Awesome. However, regardless of your size I highly recommend that you take one of Royale's classes. I promise you will get your life every time!

Vertical Joes is an excellent dance studio where you can tap into your sexy side, build your confidence all while learning how to pole dance, twerk, and so much more!



Took a newbies class with Royale, it was amazing!!!! She is so patient and very sweet. Would definitely recommend taking classes here. Can't wait to sign up for a membership when I move to Atlanta! Thank you so much Vertical Joes for the awesome experience.


Ro'Yale is such an AWESOME instructor and patient instructor. She breaks everything down so well. UTTERLY AMAZING!!!


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